peruvian music
peruvian music
Peru music is a cultures, as south american country, Peru is full people who loves the music, fron ancient times with inca music, and with the spanish conqueror,the music fused with african styles, and many styles were born as alcatraz, marinera, boleros, etc.


The folklore in Peru is one of the most beautyful in south american, the peruvian people made its own peruvian instruments as zampoña, charango, etc. and these were mixed with euroepan instruments as guitar, piano, etc.


the traditional music is the mix of many cultures as africans, european, etc. the andes music as huayño is a beautyful sound mixed with dance, in Puno the traditional party of Candelaria Virgin is recognized a humanity hertage by Unesco; Puno is the peruvian capital of folklore you have to visit in february for the major party in Peru.

TOP peru music

the peru top music for parties in the cities is the cumbia, many groups mainly from north of peru as Grupo 5, Armonia 10, Hermanos Yaipen are the most listened, be sure that if you choose this music for your party the enterteiment is insured.


culture of peru is based in many expresions as inca´s buildings, inmaterial cultures as dances, food, etc. the arcehologist found from ancient times musical instruments so peru demostrates that its people always was happy because of the rich geography that give them all that they need.


The most known peruvian dance is the Marinera Norteña. This dance represents a man’s courting of a young woman. There are local variants of this dance in the Lima Region and the other regions of the country. in south of Peru dances as Tuntuna and its devivates are very popular, Puno has registered as 500 dances.
other peruvian dances are: Waylas, Tarkada, Tondero, Wititi, Vals Criollo, etc.

Cumbia Peru Music

peruvian cumbia has its own styles, that make diferences with colombian cumbia; now adays Grupo 5 is the most popular group, grupo 5 was created in 1973 January 31st 1973 in Monsefú-Chiclayo by the brother Elmer y Víctor Yaipén Uypán.
the firts hits were “Recuérdame” and “No pongas ese disco”.

Alpaca in Peru

(quechua allpaqa, paqu, south american camelid)
These animals have been domesticated for thousands of years. In fact, the Moche people of Northern Peru often used its images in their art. The closest living species are the wild Vicuña, also native to South America. Along with Camels and Llamas, the Alpaca are classified as Camelids. Larger than the wild Vicuña, this camelid is smaller than the other Camelid species.


Of the various Camelid species, with Vicuña are the most valuable fiber-bearing animals: the alpaca camel because of the quality and quantity of its fiber, and the vicuña because of the softness, fineness and quality of its coat. these camelids are too small to be used as pack animals. Instead, they were bred exclusively for their fiber and meat.


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Support Products

When you buy high quality products you help the alpaca society and the people it supports as farmers in the peruvian andes.

Products for a gift

From ancient times in Peru and south america the people made goods as: chullo, swaters, ponchos, hats, etc. All of these product helped south american people to support low temperatures, the alpaca wood has special characteristics that led its product to be warm and fine.


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Peru is a country with great part of its territory in the mountains, the south american mountains are much more higher than europe, so it inspired the peruavian people with creative products as the peruvian chullo, and its use has extended to all the world; some times you can view it in french fashion shows.